About The Tampa Bay Dream Team

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Spindiana Jones; DJ, Talent Scout & Owner

jdJustyn Dial aka Spindiana Jones grew up in Augusta, GA. He then moved to Florida to attend the University of Florida where he majored in Theatre. While in school Spindiana Jones honed his creative talents and began producing music for local music acts. Soon thereafter Spindiana Jones’s talents were in high demand. After graduation Spindiana Jones moved to Tampa Bay, Florida for an audio engineering internship. While in Tampa Spindiana Jones’s drive and determination found him working with Lee Palmer (a native Saint Petersburg entrepreneur). The two decided that their concentrated efforts in music and entertainment deserved a name… Tampa Bay Dream Team was born.

Spindiana Jones’ reputation speaks for itself. Whether he is throwing down sets in nightclubs all-across the Southeast or producing hit tracks for his artists, Spindy’s attitude and drive is contagious. It’s the reason why people all over the Bay Area can be heard yelling “SPINDY”!

Lee Money; Owner & Manager, Trivia Master

Lee MoneyLee Palmer aka Lee Money is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida and has graduated from St. Petersburg College in 2001 and Florida State University in 2003 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. After graduation Lee was hired on as a manager at Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill in 2005 and became familiar with the workings of the service industry this work experience helped him decide that he wanted to become a small business owner and wanted to develop a business that would be fun and promote his hometown’s nightlife.

Over the next few years Lee developed friendships with co-workers and found a common interest in the in the idea of starting a DJ and event promotions company with a focus on trivia nights. With the help of his friend, Justyn, the Tampa Bay Dream Team was set into motion and they have expanded their services to include weddings, nightclub events, large party promotions, karaoke nights, trivia nights and corporate events. Come on out and visit Lee Money for Trivia Night at Ferg’s Sports Bar on Mondays & Thursdays starting at 7pm or at Crowley’s Downtown Grill & Bar on Tuesdays starting at 8pm!

Carl Spinslow; DJ, Karaoke, VJ, & Lighting Tech

Chris DialChris Dial aka Carl Spinslow, is originally from Augusta, Georgia. After graduating from Evans High School (Evans, GA) in 2002, Chris made his way to Gainesville, Florida and majored in Journalism. Through his time working on Journalism projects and making connections in the Gainesville music scene Chris honed his Public Relation skills and developed an everlasting passion for music (production and promotion).

After moving to St. Petersburg, Chris wanted to pursue a path in the music profession with a well solidified group of individuals, Tampa Bay Dream Team was that organization, and having always had a passion for music, deejaying seemed like a good fit and new challenge for the young entrepreneur. Needless to say Chris’ skills (music and PR) came in handy with establishing a name for himself in the emerging music scene in downtown St. Petersburg. Chris is now making every party he works with a true Tampa Bay Dream Team experience!

Just John; Trivia Master

John Chaplin – “Just John” – joined the Tampa Bay Dream Team full-time in 2013. He has appeared as a special guest host for us for the past several years, but now he brings his unique-yet-unexplainably-childish style to three of our games each week; appearing at The Stadium in New Port Richey, Brewers Tasting Room on Fourth Street North, the Sly Bar in the Grand Central District and Angelo’s Bar & Grill in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg

John has a bachelor’s degree from Eckerd College and a master’s degree in history from the University of South Florida, which serves him well in absolutely no capacity whatsoever.

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